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The 5th International Soft Matter Conference (ISMC2019) will be held in Edinburgh, United Kingdom from 3-7 June 2019.
The Organisers are looking forward to welcoming you to this Conference, held under the auspices of the SoftComp Network of Excellence (external link).

Confirmed Plenary Speakers include:

  • Lydéric Bocquet (CNRS, ENS, Paris): ‘Flow and rheology at ultimate scales’
  • Luca Cipelletti (University of Montpellier): ‘Why soft solids fail’
  • Stephen L Craig (Duke University): ‘Macromolecular Mechanochemistry’
  • Kohzo Ito (University of Tokyo): ‘Tough topological polymers and their applications to energy-efficient vehicles and medicine’
  • Cait MacPhee (University of Edinburgh): 'Biofilms: What’s in it for Soft Matter?'
  • Susan Perkin (University of Oxford): ‘A Cabinet of Curiosities: Stories of Electrostatics in Soft Matter’
  • Sriram Ramaswamy (Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru): 'Fast, Elastic, Defective, Active Matter'

There will be 10 scientific sessions:

  • Active Soft Matter (Keynotes: Hartmut Löwen, Dusseldorf; Eric Clément, ESPCI, Paris)
  • Arrested Soft Matter
  • Colloidal and Granular Soft Matter (Keynotes: Joris Sprakel, Wageningen)
  • Interfacial Soft Matter
  • Living Soft Matter (Keynotes: Eric Dufresne, ETH, Zürich)
  • Stressed Soft Matter
  • Polymeric Soft Matter (Keynotes: Friederike Schmid, Mainz)
  • Making and Measuring Soft Matter
  • Processing Soft Matter (Keynotes: Guillaume Ovarlez, Solvay, Bordeaux)
  • Self-assembled Soft Matter

Registration Opens 3 June, Morning
Scientific Programme Starts 3 June, 2pm
Opening Social Reception 3 June, Evening
Conference closes (with lunch) 7 June, 12:30pm

Sat 26 Jan 2019 01:25:40 PM CET - Permalien - - https://www.ismc2019.ed.ac.uk/

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