Post-Doc - Modeling extruded polyolefin foaming

Description :
Total produces and sells various grades of polyolefins (polypropylene or polyethylene). The Polymer Research Center located in Feluy in Belgium (TRTF, Total Research & Technology Feluy) would like to deepen its knowledge of the mechanisms involved in the manufacture of polyolefin foams. The aim is to be able to define the characteristics of the raw materials that Total has to develop according to the final properties of the foams wanted by customers.

More precisely, the project concerns the physical foaming process by extrusion with gases such as carbon dioxide or isobutane. From this knowledge and modeling, we want to design a computational program available on standard Python or Matlab platforms. This program will define the foam structure according to the material characteristics and the manufacturing foaming conditions. It should allow to easily changing the characteristics of the material or the process conditions. The results obtained by this program will be compared with experimental results obtained in collaboration with Total teams.

This project is strongly transdisciplinary (physics, data analysis, modelling, computing applied to engineering).

Reference : Post-doc TOTAL-CEMEF

Date de démarrage : 01 septembre 2020

Durée : 12 mois

Contacter :
Patrice LAURE
Sophia Antipolis
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