Post-Doc - CARBOGEL - Postdoctoral Fellow Position Opening on February-March 2022, Grenoble, France

Description :
Synthesis and gelation properties of carbohydrate-based organogelators

A PostDoctoral Fellow (PDF) position devoted to carbohydrate-based organogelators will be available on April 2022 as a part of the Polynat Carnot Institute collaborative project “CARBOGEL” coordinated by Dr. Sami HALILA in Grenoble (France). This research project combines expertise and skills of CERMAV Lab [a Research Centre on Glycosciences ( ; UPR5301-CNRS/Univ. Grenoble Alpes) with Dr. S. HALILA in carbohydrate chemistry and LRP Lab [a Laboratory for rheology and Process (https://www.laboratoire-rheologie-e...) ; UMR 5520-CNRS/Univ. Grenoble Alpes) with Dr. F. PIGNON in physical-chemistry of colloids and gels. The position is funded for one year by Polynat Carnot Institute and can start in March (if possible, in February) 2022.

The transdisciplinary (Chemistry & Physics) “CARBOGEL” project spans from original access towards carbohydrate-based organogelators to the study of their hierarchical self-assembly into supramolecular organo-/oleo-gels. The PostDoctoral Fellow (PDF) will be in charge of designing carbohydrate-based organogelators (organic synthesis) and to perform the multiscale characterization of supramolecular organo-/oleo-gels (X-ray scattering, electronic microscopy, Rheology, DSC…). The PDF will focus his/her work on synthesizing glyco-organogelators and studying properties of resulting supramolecular organo-/oleo-gels while benefiting from state-of-the-art processing and characterization platforms available within CERMAV & LRP labs.

Candidate’s profile
The PDF candidate should preferably hold a PhD degree dealing with synthesis and characterization of gels (preference from polysaccharides or carbohydrate-based gelators)), and ideally a previous experience in the physical-chemical studies of self-assembled low-molecular weight gelators. We will give preference to candidates with less than two years’ experience since their PhD degree. A demonstrated ability to perform independent work, to work across borders of chemistry and physics, and excellent communication and writing (English) skills are equally important criteria with respect to academic qualifications and scientific merit for the selection of the PDF. The fellowship consists in a gross salary of € 2,663 per month, including a (French) health insurance and Medicare package.

e-Application : Application file, selection process, and timeline
Applicant should provide an e-application file combining a curriculum vitae, a letter of motivation, a summary of their research experience, and a list of publications. A single pdf should be addressed by email to : and

The applicants should arrange that at least two reference letters are sent directly to the contact address above. There is no deadline for the application. We encourage candidates to apply as soon as possible. The search will continue until the position is filled.

Reference : CARBOGEL -Postdoc

Date de démarrage : 01 mars 2022

Durée : 12 months

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