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November 8th, 2019 – FNTP Paris (France)

The Round Robin Test "Comparison of Concrete Rheometers: International Tests at the Artois University" were organized from 28 to 30 May 2018 on the rheology and tribology of concretes, respectively. This event is part of the issues developed by RILEM and within the framework of the actions carried out by the RILEM - TC MRP-266 Committee: Measuring Rheological Properties of Cement-based Materials chaired by Dr Mohammed Sonebi from Queen’s University Belfast (UK).
This is not the first time that international researchers and laboratories have been investigating the rheology of cement-based materials since two other RRTs were organized:

  • The first RRT at LCPC in Nantes (France) in 23-27 October 2001,
  • The second RRT at NIST in Cleveland (USA) in 19-23 May 2003.

After 15 years, there was no RRT organized on this topic. However, during this period, the progress has been considerable, as much by the widening of the range of the new type concretes, the progress made by the new devices (new and up rheometers) and finally the way to analysis of the results.
With the appearance of new rheometers, it becomes essential to know the equations to connect the different rheometers and establish common test procedures. This RRT has also validated new devices in development.

Registration is open until 31 October 2019. Registration fees include participation to the one-day feedback, the welcome pack, the abstract booklet, coffee breaks and lunch. Payment must be made by credit card on the dedicated platform:

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